What Type of Stove Should you Choose?


So you’ve decided you want a woodburning stove. But are you sure that’s the right kind for you? Could another types of stove be a better fit for your home? It’s important you consider all options before committing to buying and installing a particular type of stove.

So what are the different types you can choose? Of course, woodburning is the most popular and traditional. A woodburning stove is the epitome of homeliness and is what most people think of when they decide they want a stove. Even within this, there are various types, including inset stoves, double sided stoves, and many different designs.

There are also multifuel stoves that can be a great alternative. They can burn smokeless fuels and give you more versatility, so more people can have them.

If neither type of stove is suitable for you, an electric stove could be the answer. They can be made to look very similar to real stoves, with sophisticated technology.