A Checklist for Buying Stoves Online


Buying stoves online is a popular method of getting a stove for a home but is it the best way of buying? There is a lot to be said for buying a stove in this way – it’s convenient, quick and can also be a lot cheaper. Buying your stove online could certainly be a great decision.

There are steps you should take to ensure a positive experience when shopping for stoves online. Taking these steps now will help you to buy the best stove for you, and to choose a high quality retailer. If you put in some work before buying your stove on the internet, it can save you time and money in the long run. As with anything, a well thought out purchase is likely to be the best purchase. This will save you having to send your stove back when you receive it.

Buying a stove online: your checklist

If you are going to buy a stove online, here is a checklist to help you with your purchase:

  • Know your brands. Look into the different brands of stove available to buy online and investigate them further. See what different brands can offer you and understand what makes them different. Some will be more premium and some will cover a lower price point. By working this out, you can focus on the brands that are most relevant to you.
  • Look at stoves in real life too. Looking at photos and dimensions online can only show you so much. It’s much more helpful to look at a stove you like in real life to understand what it actually looks like. When you know the styles you like, the size, and the colour you want, it will be much easier to shop online.
  • Research stoves on multiple websites. Don’t take one website’s word for it as they may have particular stoves they specialise in, or they might even have stock they want to clear so are promoting those brands more heavily. Look around at different websites and take in the bigger picture.
  • Look for deals. You can get various deals on stoves from different websites, depending on the time of year, the types of stoves available and the particular website. Some websites will offer bundles, so if you buy a wood burning stove you might get some timber included. Or you may be able to get cheaper accessories too, such as firelighters and fuel.
  • Ask around. Lots of people shop for stoves online and will have opinions they can share with you. Ask around, listen to opinions and take heed of other people’s experiences when shopping for stoves online.
  • Get a guarantee. Check that the website you use offers guarantees to protect you. If you shop online, you do need a good guarantee in case the packaging gets damaged in transit or the product inside doesn’t work. With a guarantee, you know the stove retailer will replace it free of charge. A guarantee also protects you for a certain period of time if your stove breaks down.