The Importance of a Simple Delivery Process when Ordering Rooflights


There are many factors involved in choosing rooflights for homes and businesses – they must be good value, look great, have good insulating properties and generally be able to change a property for the better. So how important is it to make sure your rooflight is going to be delivered to you efficiently and proactively? It’s something you really do need to think about when ordering. Why? Here are some of the main factors for you to consider closely ahead of ordering:

  1. Rooflight delivery requires all hands on deck. When your rooflight is delivered, bear in mind that it will be a very large, very heavy item. Often deliveries will specify that there will need to be someone at the other end who can help to unload the delivery and make sure the process is carried out safely. If you have a particularly big rooflight or sky lantern that’s being delivered, you might need some more people to help unload it. Make sure you discuss the requirements with the rooflight supplier before ordering – this is a key consideration and you need to be prepared, otherwise you might not be able to have your product delivered.
  2. You need plenty of space for the delivery. Some skylights and sky lanterns are huge, intricate systems that require plenty of storage space. You’ll need to have enough space available for storage at your property or, if the rooflight is going to be installed straight away, you’ll need to have the right people present at the time.
  3. Some rooflights won’t be available in stock sizes. If this is the case and you need a custom size, this will have to be manufactured for you, so you’ll need to know how long that process will take and when the delivery is likely to be. If, however, you choose a stock size from a quality supplier, they should be able to get it to you very swiftly.
  4. You need to plan ahead so as not to hold up your project. It’s important that your rooflight delivery is well coordinated, with architects and installation professionals kept in the loop. This means that delivery times need to be taken into account from the very beginning, when you’re just beginning to put project plans together. Choose your rooflight supplier, select your product, find out how long delivery will take, and then you’ll have the details you need to plan it in at a convenient time.

If possible, you don’t want to be paying over the odds for a delivery either. If you have to pay for delivery depending on where you’re based, all costs can add up, and you want to be able to choose the best rooflight supplier based on the rooflights you want to obtain, not the price of the delivery. Delivery costs shouldn’t get in your way when choosing the ideal rooflight for your project, so if you can find a quality supplier that also offers free delivery to any parts of the country, this is an excellent scenario for you.