Extending your Home the Modern Way


Glass rooms are the modern way to extend your home. In the modern world of home extensions, wraparound extensions and multi-storey extensions are somewhat going out of vogue; they can no longer give modern homeowners what they need from their new extension. Instead, homeowners are favouring more modern extensions such as glass rooms – conservatories may also be an option, but they will not give the same kind of aesthetic and are, once again, not as comfortable and fashionable as they were once considered to be. A full glass extension is a superior option for modern living.

A glass room is based on a similar concept as a conservatory or orangery, but it has taken the idea of this kind of extension and made it far more modern. Instead of having walls as part of the extension construction, the extension is made up entirely of glass, with panoramic views of the outdoors. There is very little in the way of structural blockers that will prevent beautiful views and an abundance of sunlight. This kind of aesthetic is the modern homeowner’s dream; light, bright, filled with sun, and blending and merging the indoors with the outdoors.

This last point, on blending the indoors with the outdoors, is especially integral to the concept of modern living. More often than not, people who have extensions or who open their home up to make it more open plan, will have French doors or bi-fold doors. Bi-fold doors in particular make the distinction between indoors and outdoors far less clear. Rooms can be made to feel like part of the garden and they can be made light and very well ventilated. If you choose a glass room, this same kind of modern aesthetic comes into play. Whilst sitting and relaxing in your beautiful new home extension, you will be protected indoors and will have shelter from bad weather, or protection from the sun (glass rooms can come with solar glass and other specialist types of glass to allow for this). At the same time though, you will be surrounded by the outdoors and will get all of the same views as you would out of doors. It is the ideal way to enjoy your garden and outdoor space, while also extending your home.

Ultimately, this is the most desirable part of having a home extension: having more space to live, relax, unwind, entertain, dine – whatever it is that you want to do more of in your home. It allows you to do this in a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere too, surrounding by sun and natural light and stunning views. By having a glass room extension built, you will be increasing the size of your home and giving yourself more space to expand into new parts of your property. At the same time, this type of extension is unobtrusive and will not take up the whole of your garden (unless you want it to!), so you can enjoy the best of both worlds: garden and greenery, and a beautiful home.