Solid Oak Flooring – A Great Home Improvement Idea


There are several different choices when looking to get wood flooring, but one of the most durable and attractive is solid oak flooring. Oak has a reputation for being extremely durable and is one of the hardest woods you can get, but there are some things to consider before putting your money into that flooring you might be eyeing at the hardware store.
There are two options when you are looking to get the hardwood look for your home: solid wood or engineered flooring. Solid wood is as it sounds and solid oak flooring will look just as wonderful as you would expect, but engineered flooring does have its benefits as well.
Instead of the wood being sold in this type of flooring, it is just a thin panel of real wood covering plywood. This reduces costs significantly, and they are also much easier to install. The cost of engineered varieties can be just a fraction of the real thing, and in many cases, it will look just the same. There is also no need for a professional installation because they come in interlocking pieces. That all being said, it is also easily damaged, and there are instances when a piece can come undone or damaged and completely reveal that it is not real solid oak flooring.
The real thing is by no means cheap, and it is necessary to have it professionally installed. There needs to be a gap between the wood and the wall to allow for expansion, which happens naturally to wood in certain temperatures and moisture levels. This is a difficult thing for a do-it-yourselfer to pull off since it needs to be precisely measured and installed, and shoe moulding must be put down as well. The costs of the flooring are expensive enough, but the costs of installation can be that much more. This alone is what puts many people off from getting the real thing.
Though expensive, the real thing will last for years and years. Most retailers will provide a 10 to a 15-year warranty on it in case of any possible accidents, though often that is not even a problem. Oak is sturdy enough to stay perfectly intact in even the highest traffic and busy areas of the home for years.
It is possible to find both real and engineered oak flooring at most home improvement stores, and some hardware retailers will carry them as well. It’s crucial to comparison shop either way and giving some heavy thought as to whether engineered or solid oak flooring will work best with your budget. Both are great options, but if the budget allows then the real thing is the best option.
Care for the oak floor is simple and simple. Vacuuming or cleaning is usually enough to ensure the cleanliness of the floor. A suitable wood varnish can provide good oak flooring. Spills on the oak floor can be solved much faster and more efficiently than on the carpet, and the risk of staining is much less. Think about how easy it is to erase a spill on the work surface, compared to a spill on a carpet.