Why is a Domelight Suitable for your Home?


Sometimes, we might be led to think that a domelight is mainly for commercial use. This isn’t the case at all and you mustn’t rule one out if you are going to have a rooflight for your home. Take every style into consideration, and make sure you weigh up all the pros and cons before buying.

So what are the pros of a domelight? Here are some of the reasons why it will be a top home improvement product:

  • Natural light. All rooflights are designed for natural light, but the domelight is especially good because of its shape. The dome opens it up to the sky to draw light into the room below.
  • It’s not overly expensive. No rooflight is going to be cheap but if you want an option that isn’t too expensive, then a polycarbonate dome has plenty going for it.
  • Easy installation. The standardised shape will be easy to install, so your installation costs won’t be sky high.