What to Look for in Front Doors


The front door to your home: a place that should make you proud of how your home looks and what it means to you. The front door shouldn’t be underestimated in this, helping to give you – and others – the overall impression you are looking for. Front entrance doors that are stylish and classy will help to improve the look of your home, give it more kerb appeal and make it into a place that you are happy to arrive back at every single day. This can take some work and investment, and you should focus on finding a front door that is reflective of your own personal choice, style and tastes. Don’t be under pressure to choose the same as your next door neighbour, or to co-ordinate your door perfectly with the rest of your road. If you want to stand out, then stand out. If you would like your door to blend in, then make sure you choose the look you like, that will blend in beautifully with its surroundings.

When you choose a new front door, many things will be going through your mind. Chances are you will be wondering where to get your door from, which brands are good, how you will know if it is good enough quality for you, whether it will be worth the money…

To help you choose a new front entrance door with confidence and to feel at ease with your decision, here are some of the aspects to consider, to research and to make a central part of your decision:

  • Front entrance door brand. This isn’t the be all and end all of a new front door, but it certainly is important. A good brand will often offer you a guarantee, so if anything goes wrong, they will replace your door free of charge. A good brand that is well known also means the door is more likely to last and to do well into the future.
  • Front entrance door design. There are many different designs available, with glazing without glazing, with modern door furniture, without modern door furniture… The list goes on. Many people whose homes go straight out onto the street choose to have a door without glazing for added privacy. Many others choose to have glazing to let in some light and make their homes feel bigger. You can select a door that matches your existing windows and other household accessories, and you can easily find a door that will meet your needs.
  • Front entrance door security. Some doors are Secured By Design, meaning they are approved as a strong, secure door that will be more difficult to break into. Even if you don’t go for Secured By Design, a new entrance door needs to be secure and give you confidence that you will be safe in your own home. Most new doors feature excellent security, locking bolts and British Standard locks. Check the security features before you buy your new doors and make sure it’ll be up to your standards.