The Essentials for Laying a Table


Laying a table is an important act of good presentation, and when you’re entertaining friends and family it can be important to get it right. It’s rarely enough to just lay your table in the most basic manner and with very little effort put into it.

To lay a table correctly, your first step is to get a nice tablecloth. These can be purchased either online or through a local homestore. It doesn’t need to be particularly expensive, but it does need to be made from a cloth material.

Secondly, you’ll need to make sure that the cutlery set you’re using is correct for what you’re serving, and that it is extensive enough to suit whatever it is that you want to prepare.

There are also a variety of serving dishes and utensils that you will want to have, such as salad bowl and accompanying fork/tweezers.

Finally, you’ll want to have all of the various glasses you’ll need to serve the variety of drinks you’ll serve. This will include champagne glasses, Martini glasses, glasses for water. You will also want other drinking accoutrements, such as a wine cooler, water jug, and wine carafe.