New Windows for your Home


Windows can generally last around 20 years if well looked after. However, they can begin to look tired before this, and often, 20 years will really be their limit. Windows should be replaced when they begin to let in a draught or they begin to feel wobbly, meaning they could become a security issue. These are the main types of the window you can choose from for your replacements:

  • uPVC. The most popular type of window in the UK, uPVC is good value for money. It lasts a long time with no maintenance and is available in lots of colours.
  • Aluminium. The modern window material, aluminium has excellent thermal properties. The frames can be very thin without losing any insulation so you can get good views outside.
  • Wood. If you have a more traditional home, like a Georgian or Victorian building, then wooden sash windows will look perfect. They are often handmade to fit your property.