What are the Current Interior Design Colour Trends?


Interior design is a pretty nebulous concept at any point, but there are clear trends that you can adapt your home towards in order to meet the current social demands.

In terms of colour, the significant trend towards minimalism seems to be the largest influence in what your colour choices are. Most interior decorators will tell you that you should go for a minimalist design style (particularly if you’re trying to make a show-home for pre-sale), and therefore should use white and off-white colours, with a smaller amount of black mixed into the design for some contrast.

If this isn’t really your style, another trend within the interior design list of 2016 colour choices is based upon the country home style of design. This is best described as including a lot of floral designs, ceramic utensils and creamier colours in general. In order to base your home’s colour scheme on this style, you would have to choose colours that are lighter and softer than you would find in minimalist styles. A floral wallpaper design can also be applied where you want.