Wallpaper vs Wall Paint


One of the biggest questions about interior design options is whether or not to use wallpaper. There are both advantages and disadvantages to both of these options, so the answer is by no means clear-cut, and whatever answer you reach is going to be the one that you feel is best for you, but it can be helpful to have a clear list of the pros and cons.

The advantages of Wallpaper

Wallpaper is essentially a printed pattern design that can be applied to walls. The two main advantage to applying it in one sheet rather than painting it is that it can be mass produced, making it a lot more affordable than a paint job of similar complexity, and is easy to transport. Basically, wallpaper designs can be made with a myriad of themes and styles to suit anybody’s tastes, and all at a relatively affordable price.

The Disadvantages of Wallpaper

The downside of wallpaper is that damage can’t be repaired effectively. If the wallpaper gets a small tear somewhere in its sheet, that can effectively ruin the entire product. This isn’t a rare occurrence either, as furniture will often get placed by the wallpaper and increase the risk of this happening significantly. Damage can also occur naturally from the passing of years, eventually leading to it becoming a brittle mess that is peeling off at the edges.

Paintwork Alternatives

Comparing paintwork to wallpaper is unfair, in some respects. If you wanted to reproduce a wallpaper design with paintwork, the price is going to be significantly larger. More often, paintwork consists of a homogeneous colour scheme that is easy to apply and very inexpensive. Generally paint will last lot longer than wallpaper, both because any damage to the work can be repaired easily and because it is less susceptible to the passing of time.

In concluson, wallpaper is a great option for those who want a particular style of design due to it being very affordable and easy to apply. The downside is that it won’t last forever and can be damaged beyond repair very easily. Alternatively, using paint to provide the same standard of complex design styles can be very expensive, but it will last longer. If you’re able to forgo the floral designs and so on, paint can be both cheaper and more long lasting.