Purchasing Complete Tableware Sets


A tableware set is often seen as a luxurious item to purchase, but the truth is that there is a wide range of tableware available at varying prices. There are plenty that target the typical university student budget, and in that sense, they can be very economical. Alternatively, there are plenty of luxurious options too, that could be just what you need for special events and gatherings.

To purchase your own set of plates and cutlery, your first step is to decide what budget it is that you have to play with. There are cheap sets that can be purchased for as little as £20, but this can be recognised quite easily as being a cheap set. This is perfectly fine if all you need is something while you’re away at university and living on a very small budget; it is rather poor for somebody that is trying to impress guests though. From the lower end of the market, the quality of workmanship involved with the goods as well as the price can only improve.

In the higher end of the market, you can expect to spend anywhere from £10 per plate to £50, yet this still excludes a wide range of products that can cost far and above the maximum scale we’ve set to look at. There is an Aston Martin set of Cutlery (This is a twelve piece set; suitable for one person) that can be purchased for £9430; other tableware sets have similarly tremendous costs involved.

The £10 – 50 per plate range can add up to a lot once you’ve gotten all you need for you, your family and guests. In most tableware sets, each person is given 3 or sometimes 4 plates, meaning that you can expect to spend £40 – 200 per person, multiplied by however many you would be expected to serve. Somebody who likes to entertain a large group of people regularly could expect to spend around £2,000 for a complete set of plates, as well as another £1,000 for the cutlery.

Even though this is expensive, these types of tableware sets aren’t expected to be used daily; they are there for special occasions, such as birthdays, Christmases, Easters and so on. For tableware sets that are more suitable to daily use, what you need are ones that have 3 plates per person, and 3 pieces of cutlery per person. These sets, multiplied by 3-10 (to meet the needs of your family and casual guests), can be purchased for anywhere from £100 – 500 with reasonable expectations of quality.