Factoring a Rooflight into an Extension


Rooflights are an important aspect of interior design, and the way that a room is laid out – but they are often not prioritised. Lots of people with rooflights will decide that they want one after an extension has been built, which might work out just fine. Equally though, it might not, because the roof might be the wrong dimensions or it might be the wrong layout. It’s most convenient to factor in rooflights from the very beginning of the project.

As soon as you decide on your project, you should also think about the rooflight and natural light aspect of your new space. Talk to the contractors about rooflights and how you will factor them in so you know this is a consideration from the off. Good contractors will be able to fit rooflights for you as well and they will often have links to rooflight suppliers who can offer good trade discounts.