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Entertaining Guests in your Sun Room


A run room is a wonderful idea, making people think of summer, friends, glasses of wine and good weather. In reality, is it ever going to be as good? With the advanced technology now available with sun rooms, you can enjoy all of the mod cons, giving you a practical… Read more »

New Windows for your Home


Windows can generally last around 20 years if well looked after. However, they can begin to look tired before this, and often, 20 years will really be their limit. Windows should be replaced when they begin to let in a draught or they begin to feel wobbly, meaning they could… Read more »

Buying Acrylic Certificate Frames


Acrylic is a good material for photo frames, certificate frames and display frames. It is a man made material that is strong, resilient and versatile, plus it is also available in many different colours for your convenience. If you opt for acrylic certificate frames, then this article is about some of… Read more »

Conservatories vs Glass Rooms


Conservatories and glass rooms have many similarities but are also fundamentally very different. Both require a lot of decision making on behalf of the homeowner and both can be a great home addition – it just depends on what you are hoping to achieve. Here are some points to consider:… Read more »